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Just wanted to send a message to let you know I am very very happy with the service. At first yes I was skeptical due to a review on shipping. After talking with you guys, making a order and looking into it. I now believe the reason the couple people were complaining was due to them either having their own thing going or their order got caught in that massive fire delayed. My order was right on time. The quality is amazing, fast customer service and payment didn’t sit there for 2 days before accepted. So very fast compared to many others. Actually I can’t say how impressed I am right now. You definitely have yourself a customer. If you keep up on good cheap strains and dollar discounts on some of the others, then I’ll be sticking around. Actually wasn’t going to put another order in yet, Also thinking of getting one of those vape pens. I have seen many types of them around. But have always being skeptical about them. I might look into it a little more before I order that though. Again thank you and keep up the good work.


yo 10/10, i haven’t even ordered anything yet and i already love this website. Keep up the goood work whoever doing this u the booooomb:) Customer service was amazing over chat!


I’ve never purchased online before because i thought i would get in a lot of trouble. You guys have a great selection and the best customer service I’ve ever had online!, let alone buying anything cannabis related.


I received my package and was pleased with the results. Thank you for doing a good job.

William AgnesKansas,USA

Thank you very much Joris M. for picking up the phone when I called you to explain my pain about having five lower back surgeries and a 360 Fusion also spinal cord stimulator implant. So lets talk about pain before CBD and finally finding The Cbd hemp Barn. Well, first of all I forgot to tell you it was a F.B.S.S (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome). So you name it, I’ve had it! And it did get to the point when the medicine wasn’t working for me anymore like it was supposed to! So that means lets try more right? Well thats what the Dr’s say all the time, let’s just make it stronger. Well now after finding my new friends at the cbdhempbarn, Joris /Jason. From taking 10+pills a day and that’s just for the pain down to 3 pills a day !!!! So if there is someone out there I think that you also can do this yes it is hard to do and still trying to be done with all the toxins that I have put in my body over the years! I also forgot to mention that I have been researching CBD HEMP products for the last five years, and trying to work with my Doctors being true to them with what I take. THis REVIEW IS FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO GET HELP WITH PAIN. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH! I think it works best with coconut oil mct. Thank you very much and I truly hope this will work for you like it does for me.


Son ordered. Chemo is nearly tolerable. Thank you one thousand times! Temperature regulation better. No shakes. No nausea. Less anxious. No pain. R-CHOP chemo for lymphoma. 62 years old. Thank you.


I suffer from anxiety and depression. Traditional anti-depressants have failed me, and my job refuses to recognize the medical benefits of cannabis plants. I can’t fail a drug screen, or I would lose my job. The CBD buds from CBD Hemp Barn have been a life changer. When I smoke a bowl, all anxiety melts away and I feel relaxed  and calm. I have taken a home THC screen every morning since I started using their products and I have yet to fail one, despite smoking everyday. Also, their customer service is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.


Placing an order was kind of weird. Was a little skeptical at first being my first time ordering hemp flowers but they came in 3 days in a nice discreet package. I will be using them in the near future and also recommend Cbd hemp Barn to my friends.

Madsgard DWest Virginia

Thank you CBD Hemp Barn. I just recieved the 1kg 99% cbd isolate from the mail box (order #878), and was surprised to find a “vape cartridge” enclosed. Unfortunately, I have no experience with such wonderful things. Looks top quality, as it contains no non-canna solvents, and appears very similar to the one on your web page. I hope to be placing my next order on Friday. Your customer service too. Very professional and friendly; much appreciated.”

Dr. Jeol AndrewMedical Doctor11688 Alex ave NY

The product selection/choice is spot-on. The product quality is spot-on. The packaging is spot-on. The customer service is spot-on. The delivery times are spot-on. The attitude of the company towards its customers is spot-on.

There is no complaint to list. Not one. And I did try quite hard to think of a problem to report. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t even think about buying from another seedbank because i’ve been given no reason to think about looking anywhere else.

5/5 and it’s very very rare to see a score like that from me.


The absolute best on the net; customer service is outstanding; respond time via email also outstanding. Even better their shipping is ridiculously fast and discreet. Definitely number one shop on the net for CBD hemp flower; I’ll literally never buy from another store. 5 stars *****

Paul TerryIndiana

After agonizing over the large selection of hemp products, I eventually made my selections and placed my order. I got immediate confirmation of my order and then a couple days later, I had a shipping notice and tracking information. This is my third order and, as always, am very satisfied.

Osit South Delaware

When you have any queries about their products they always answer really quickly and honestly not the usual sellers attitude of trying to get a sale but an honest answer. Their dispatch and delivery is really quick and i have been surprised a couple of times ordering the day before at 3pm and getting the items first thing the next morning. One of the best online shop i have dealt with and highly recommend them to any one who needs any of there products.



In my opinion you cant go wrong. Every aspect from ordering to delivery is hassle free, fast and totally reliable. Orders are well packaged and prompt. A bit of a ronseal company “does what it says on the tin”,cant fault it. Long may it continue.


I was guided by the fickle finger of fate to enter the portals of the best site for service and product! I cannot think of a better place to come and find exactly what your looking for, at a very reasonable and competitive price. The speed at which the product is delivered isn’t paralleled. Outstanding work all around guys!


Made me order and came international shipped a couple of days later. Would highly recommend them to anyone and is definitely going to use them again. Very good customer support, answered me quick when i had some info questions.


Must be one of the only company that sends the actual strains you ask for!! Compared to the majority of the other company’s that would send out anything they had in stock that day!!! Well done CBD hempbarn!! And thank you


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